Andrea Muehlen, Arlington Manager & Health Coach

Andrea became the manager of the Arlington office in August of 2015.  Andrea says she loves being able to see people’s lives transform while on the program. She says that everyone has different goals and takeaways and she focuses on helping people discover what health means to them. She loves helping her clients extend not just quantity of life, but quality as well.

“ I suppose at the center of it all I believe that my body is a temple and, as a believer in Jesus Christ, that I am to be a good steward of all I have been given, including my body/health. Being a good steward of my health means feeding my body quality food, getting quality exercise and trying to stay healthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.”

Andrea is married to her husband, Matt, and they have 4 rescue dogs. She and her husband have both done the Fat Loss DFW program and she lost 18 pounds in 21 days and has maintained it for a year and a half! She has a huge love for the outdoors: hiking, horse riding, yard work, etc. She also enjoys cooking and painting and she says that when she gets home from the clinic in the evenings she likes to enjoy a glass of wine (or 2!) on her back patio.

When asked what her one piece of advice would be to someone trying to improve his/her health she said,

“Don’t get on the crazy cycle! If you have a day that doesn’t quite go as you plan (you eat a cupcake at a work function, miss a work out, eat a bag of chips before bed) don’t just throw in the towel and say all or nothing. We all make mistakes and have “oops” moments – figure out what you can learn from it, be better prepared the next time, and make a decision towards positivity and health from that moment forward.”