I said YES to ME because I AM WORTH IT & I LOVE MYSELF

Before Fat LossDFW, everyday I felt very unhealthy. I felt that obtaining the goal of a healthy weight would take huge efforts, dedicated time each day and disciple.  All thoughts of a weight loss goal was overwhelming and seemed unobtainable.

Although I completed a chemotherapy treatment in 2011 and celebrate being cancer free for 5 years, I didn’t know if I could even do an exercise class to begin a weight loss program. I did not like my appearance and emotionally beat myself up over my weight.

Fat Loss DFW changed my life. From the very first day I had an immense sense of control and accomplishment at the immediate daily loss of weight!!!

The Fat Loss DFW plan is very easy and workable with very yummy food choices. The staff, texts and other resources are very positive and supportive.

I am healthy and I am happy with myself. I am so thrilled that I lost all the weight and met my goals in just a few short months. The Fat Loss DFW program is everything it is said to be…. no hunger, no exercise, reset your body, reset your Life!

I said YES to ME because I AM WORTH IT & I LOVE MYSELF !

  • Christine U – Lost 40 pounds in 60 days.
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