Dr. Carolyn – Lost 28 pounds in 40 days — then another 21 pounds 40 days later!

“Before Fat Loss DFW I was borderline high blood pressure and had very low energy. I didn’t have the motivation to exercise or do outdoor activities and every time I would lose small amounts of weight i would regain it just as fast! With Fat Loss DFW I was able to lose the weight in a short amount of time. I can fit in my favorite clothes again and I’ve had a huge self-esteem boost. I love all the compliments I keep getting!”

T. Jaggars – Lost 105 pounds in 120 days!

“Before Fat Loss DFW I had very little energy… I was always tired. I snored bad and couldn’t rest- I don’t snore any more! I was on medication for high blood pressure and had constant back and knee pain. Overall, I just had a bad attitude! Now I have more energy and feel much better physically. I have a better attitude towards life, I’m more confident and overall happier. If you don’t like yourself or at peace with yourself you can’t expect to like or be at peace with life.”

Edward D. – Lost 73lbs in 80 days

I have energy again and have come off of my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I used to compete in road bike races, but haven’t been able to since gaining weight. Now, after losing almost 75 pounds, I have a race planned for next month. I am so excited to be able to enjoy my hobbies again!”

Christine U. – Lost 40 pounds in 60 days

“Fat Loss DFW changed my life. From the very first day I had an immense sense of control and accomplishment at the immediate daily loss of weight!!!”

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