Meg Duvall, NRH & Las Colinas Manager

Meg joined the family in August 2016 and operates out of the North Richland Hills and Las Colinas offices.   Her passion is to help others achieve optimal health. She believes in finding the best version of ourselves, inside and out.

“In the daily tasks and responsibilities of life, we tend to forget about ourselves. Kids, spouses, work- they all require us to put our personal needs aside from time to time. But if you don’t take the time to look at, work on, and love yourself, you will always find yourself last and forgotten. I like to be the one who remembers others and coaches on the sidelines cheering you towards your happiness.”

Meg has been married to her husband, Doug, for 6 years and they have a pit bull rescue named Stacks. Meg proudly reports that since changing everyone’s diets she has lost 11 pounds, Doug is 15 pounds lighter, and Stacks is down 14 pounds, now a healthy 64 pounds! Being a healthier household has brought them closer together, as meal preparation is now a family affair and they use each other as accountability partners. Meg and Doug love to hop on his Harley for long rides around the back roads of Texas whenever possible. Stacks’ favorite is the walk, of course, and having his best friend Layla over for sleepovers.

When asked what her one piece of advice would be to someone trying to improve his/her health she said,

“The first thing would be to realize that you matter. Regardless of how you feel about yourself in the moment, there are plenty of people in your life that love you and want you to be around. Once you realize that you matter to yourself and others, it is a lot easier to walk away from your bad habits. When you feel that love for yourself and the love others have for you, nothing can keep you from your goals!”