The Kids’ Corner: Peeling Back The Wellness Onion ~ It Takes Time!

As holistic practitioners, we are wellness investigators who must use who, what, where, when, why and how to help clear a path for optimal wellness to emerge from a client’s story. In training, we are often cautioned against going to the “why” well, but I find that most information comes from asking such questions. It’s the hardest question to answer, because it is a statement of interpretation rather than of fact. I find, however, that how we interpret events creates our habits more than the events themselves.

My clients inform me about human nature, holding up a mirror in which I can see where in my own life I have exhibited similar behavior. If a client tells me he wants to change and then comes up with excuses, I ask where in my life I have done the same. I am in the tenth year of my wellness journey, and it reminds me that I have hit similar pitfalls as I’ve moved through the world.

In my personal and clinical experience, the whys that prevent progress in health become deeply revelatory. Peeling the onion from the outside in, they are:

It’s too hard. My biggest mistake as a clinician is assuming that people who come to see me are motivated to change on the spot. When I embarked on self-discovery, I collected a ton of theories without trying any out. I knew in my head that things should be different— yet I did not implement anything. After 25 years of forming habits, the mountain seemed too big. I needed more messaging to contradict the lifetime of information I had already ingested before I could enact changes. Otherwise, it was “too hard.”

I have no willpower. Once we get past the “too hard” stage, we discover that the few things we’re trying to change call to us louder than before. Ask my parents how long I lived in this conversation. Ask my wife, too! If something unhealthy was nearby, I was drawn to it even though it would make me sick. To me, this part of the conversation is not about willpower, but about the pervasive messages we receive via advertising. Most advertised food products have health-negative results— processed foods, fast foods, sodas, candies, snacks and sugary cereals. Repeated ads passively assault our brains for years, starting when we’re really young. It isn’t our willpower that keeps us from change, but the constant messaging.

I’m not worth it. If we make the effort to enact small changes, something might keep us from going all the way. Maybe we fall back into old habits or see an ad— which we now know is geared toward sabotaging our wellness goals—that triggers an old craving. The difference between following the less-trod path and heading in the opposite direction comes down to feeling worthwhile. The “I’m not worth it” conversation is one we might live in for months. Throughout our lives, someone might have contributed a spirit wound that made us feel “less than.” Enough spirit wounds can convince us that indeed we have little value. If we don’t see ourselves as worthy, then why make beneficial changes? Upon hitting this revelation, through the use of the other W’s and the H, we can get down to answering why this is so, and hopefully find ways to repair that damage and advance toward greater well-being.

Nothing makes me happier as a clinician than the moment the client sees how they have come to view themselves as unworthy. Often so ingrained into our beingness, these feelings of unworthiness need a bright light cast upon them. Upon revelation, a person’s healing begins, because we cannot return to not knowing this characterization exists. It no longer invisibly haunts us; it has a name, and can be addressed. The rate of change varies after the revelation, depending on how deeply the spirit wounds cut. But change does happen.

Although I’ve been studying holistic health and improving my wellness for a decade, my unworthiness discovery emerged this year. After introspection, I understood why I felt that way, addressed the spirit wounds, and began to make changes that asserted my worthiness. I have felt grounded and at peace ever since, simply because I decided I am worthwhile.

We all are.

AUTHOR // Chris Webb, MS

Information provided by Dr. Dan Yachter, D.C., D.A.C.C.P., Elevation Health Lake Mary


This article appeared in Pathways to Family Wellness magazine, Issue #36.

His decision to attend Chiropractic School was based on watching his father receive Chiropractic Care and then heal and completely recover from lifelong crippling migraine headaches and an assortment of disabling conditions. Dr. Dan was fascinated with the fact that a person could heal naturally without the use of drugs, surgery and harmful side-effects. Dr. Yachter’s passion to serve a sick and suffering humanity has caused his practice to become one of the largest health centers in the world.He is one of the 5 chiropractic thought leaders to co-found Elevation Health. The vision of this company is to “Ignite the healthcare revolution, one family at a time.” This company is building principled chiropractic offices internationally as well as helping chiropractors lead and teach the families of their communities wellness lifestyle strategies. The founding 5 chiropractors all share a passion to spread God’s laws of life, health, and healing throughout the planet, thereby freeing families to live life without fear; empowering and equipping them to live high potential lives.Dr. Dan Yachter is the founder of the Elevation Health, Lake Mary office, one of the most successful practices in the world, and has been in practice for over 12 years. Today, Dr. Dan cares for thousands of patients each year at his state-of-the-art wellness center as well as conducting numerous educational workshops on the Elevation Health Core 4 wellness principles each month.Dr. Yachter also has extensive training in pediatrics and maternity care and is certified in the Webster Technique through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. He is currently enrolled in and completing their 360 hour pediatric diplomate program. Dr. Yachter cares for one of the largest patient bases in the profession: over 1,500 active individuals. Most importantly, he cares for the largest (single office) practice base of children and infants in the profession. This significant clinical experience has allowed Dr. Dan to achieve a high level of clinical proficiency in a short amount of time as well as deliver a high level of competency and certainty when caring for patients, specifically the tiny ones!In the chiropractic community, Dr. Yachter is known by his peers as the ‘chiropractor’s chiropractor’ having mentored, lead or consulted over 1,500 chiropractors over the last decade. Dr. Yachter is a frequent college lecturer and has spoken at Life Chiropractic College West (San Francisco), Parker Chiropractic (Dallas), and The New Zealand School of Chiropractic.Several of Dr. Yachter’s current or past community affiliations are as follows: Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, Lake Mary Chamber of Commerce, Public Speaker and Corporate Health Educator for the Employee Awareness Association, AAA ergonomic consultant (Lake Mary), Community outreach and spinal screening consulting at local Sam’s, Wal-marts, Costco, Target, L.A. Fitness, YMCA, & Florida PTA. For the past 8 years, Dr. Yachter can also be heard daily on his program Health Living on the 950 am WTLN radio.Dr. Dan is also the author of the book, “Doctor of The Future” and a world renowned Chiropractic wellness expert and speaker. Patients describe Dr. Dan as a wellness expert/enthusiast with enormous vision, unbridled passion and a contagious obsession for spreading chiropractic principles and the message of healthy living locally and globally.He grew up in South Florida, earned his bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences at the University of Florida in 1993 and his doctor of chiropractic at Life University in 1997.Away from caring for the wonderful families of Seminole County, Dr. Dan likes to spend time with his wife Mindy and their new baby girl, Juliet. Leif MartenssonDr. Leif Martensson is a native of Eskilstuna, Sweden. He left a semi-professional soccer career to come to the United States in 1991 after receiving a full soccer scholarship to Radford University in Virginia. While at Radford, Dr. Leif became exposed to chiropractic through a fellow teammate. His love of natural healing without the use of drugs or surgery was right in sync with the principles of chiropractic. When he realized that chiropractic was the “missing link” to the health principles he already embraced, Dr. Leif decided to pursue a Chiropractic degree at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. While at Life University, he was also able to continue playing soccer on the collegiate level and then graduated in 1999.Following graduation, Dr. Leif returned to Europe and settled in Galway, Ireland, where he served as the Clinic Director of a busy practice until 2002. In 2002, Dr. Leif returned to the United States to marry and practice with his wife, Annette, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In 2005 Dr. Leif relocated his family to central Florida and joined Dr. Yachter at Elevation Health.Dr. Leif and his wife are the proud parents of two healthy, drug- and vaccine-free “chirokids.”Dr. Leif’s passion is to create a paradigm shift in the way people view health and wellness. He strongly believes that health comes from within, and the power that made the body, heals the body. He feels privileged to help people heal and recover from sickness and disease, without the use of drugs and surgery through chiropractic care. He is especially in tune with the mental and physical needs of the athlete through his experience as both a professional and collegiate athlete.

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