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April 24, 2015

The Kids’ Corner: Is Your Indoor Environment Polluted?

Even if you do not smoke, indoor air pollution remains a serious problem in most homes. One must be mindful of everything used in the household. If you do laundry, is your detergent chemical- and fragrance-free?  Do you use toilet … [ More ]

April 22, 2015
At Elevation Health You Learn WHY You Have Pain. Knowledge Enhances Healing!

I have had poor posture since I was a kid in elementary school.  When I started working, I began experiencing neck, mid-back and lower back pain including headaches. Prior to chiropractic care I was in pain so I couldn’t do … [ More ]

April 17, 2015
The Kids’ Corner: Raising Up The Next Generation ~ Building The Vision
April 15, 2015
The Body Can Heal Itself: A True Story

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