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KIDSCORNER-PIC-IN-LOBBY-2014November 20, 2015

The Kids’ Corner: Hopping Off The Gluten Train

I’ll admit it: I’m the type of mom who often scowls inside disapprovingly at doughnuts in preschools, elementary schools and birthday parties. I know it is judgmental of me, and I’m working on being more accepting. The schools in my … [ More ]

November 17, 2015
There Is No Better Place To Find Your Way Back To Healthy!!!

The Elevation Health team gave me back my health by ridding me of knee, hip, low back, and neck pain.  I have dealt with this for years and have been to many chiropractors! That is in addition to eliminating my … [ More ]

November 10, 2015
The Kids’ Corner: Kids Out Of Balance
October 23, 2015
Elevation Health Finds The Issue And Deals With It – Thank You Elevation health!

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