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Vitamin D / CRP Testing

Inflammation & Vitamin D


CRP in the blood is a marker of inflammation that can cause a wide variety of diseases like cancer and heart disease and be responsible for the infection, pain, and injury. Prolonged inflammation is at the root of virtually all illness, including the rising prevalence of the auto-immune disease.  If high CRP is detected, there are both dietary and supplemental protocols to correct the score.  This is both valuable for overall well-being now and as a critical measure of prevention for the future. 

Vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic in our society.  This is no minor issue as Vitamin D regulates gene expression in over 900 vital organs and functions and is part of the prevention of the most common areas of disease and suffering.

Insufficient Vitamin D levels can lead to issues with the immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, and central nervous systems. Low D has been found to raise the risk of depression, osteoporosis, heart disease, auto-immune disease, infection, hypertension, and several forms of cancer.

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