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Plantation Florida Chiropractor

Weight Loss

Chiropractor in Plantation, FL

Balanced Nutritional Services

15 to 30 Pound Weight Loss System

❖    15 - 30 Pounds Fat Loss First Fat Loss Kit   


❖    Our EXCLUSIVE 4 Phase Ultimate Fat Loss System 


❖    Synergistic Supportive Nutritional Supplements


❖    Specialized Mineral Formula Complex


❖    Specialized Weight Loss Complex


❖    Ultimate Fat Loss Manual/Journal


❖    Specific Fat Burning Food Plan


 ❖    Follow up Weigh- ins to Support to successfully guide you through the program


❖    Fat Loss First 15 Lb. Weight Loss Guarantee


*WEIGH IN & Evaluations (Body Composition Analysis – Every 10 Days) 


*CORE 4 Monthly Blockbuster Workshop Events

Plantation Florida weight loss clinic
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