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Plantation Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. David Yachter

Dr. David Yachter

Dr. David Yachter is a 1993 alumni of Life University and author of the bestselling book Born a Champion – The Master Strategy for Maximum Health and Lasting Success. As a formally trained endurance athlete, Dr. Yachter’s knowledge and experience in the realm of high-performance health and healing has been instrumental in generating one of the largest clinics of its kind in the country in Plantation, Florida.

Dr. Yachter is responsible for leading and participating in numerous international chiropractic mission trips and was awarded Chiropractor of the Year in 1998, 2006 and 2007. He is also the past president of the Florida Chiropractic Society, and currently serves as CEO of the Elevation Health Group. 

Dr. Yachter’s passion for leading and inspiring his patients and peers continue to create transformational change in the lives he touches around the world.

Born a Champion by Dr. David Yachter

Wellness expert Dr. David Yachter takes you on a powerful, uplifting, and exciting journey connecting you with truth and laws that are guaranteed to maximize your quality of life, health, and success. This amazing book is a no- nonsense tool that will install fail-safe fundamentals of living and thinking to radically transform your life.

"Dr. David Yachter is one of my heroes. He believes if things are wrong, he should change them. He knows what is right and will not tolerate injustices done to people. He's dedicated his whole life to saving lives and creating a better world. Read this book and live in abundant health."

-Dr. Ben Lerner, NY Times Best Selling Author 

and U.S. Olympic Team Chiropractor

"Dave Yachter has been a client, and friend, and a fellow messenger in a movement committed to education, intervention, and leadership within a nation yearning to create a better way when is comes to maximizing energy, enhancing well-being, and extending quality of life. There is still so much to learn, so many to help, yet so few with the dedication, devotion, knowledge, and willingness to contribute. Thankfully for all of us, Dave Yachter is one of "them"!"

-Stu Mittleman, World-Champion Ultra-distance Runner, 

Fitness Coach, and Author of "Slow Burn"

Plantation, Florida chiropractor, chiropractic clinic, Dr. David Yachter

Born a Champion:

The Master Strategy for Maximum Health and Lasting Success

By Dr. David Yachter



Born a Champion

Meet Our Team

Our team has been helping people live pain free since our chiropractic clinic opened in 1994.

Plantation Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. David Yachter


Chiropractic Assistant

Debra has been a patient of Dr Yachter’s since 1998 and joined his chiropractic team as a Chiropractic Assistant in 2011.

Plantation Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. David Yachter


Chiropractic Assistant

Tamara is one of our chiropractic assistants; she joined the Elevation Health team in 2015. Not only a dedicated team member ready to welcome and assist patients and their families, but also a patient of Dr. Yachter’s. Tamara helps out with all front desk duties, rehab, and various back-office responsibilities.

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